Saturday, December 8, 2018

"Sewing Curves" My Video is up on the -- 12 days of Christmas-Mamma Can Do It

 So how have you been enjoying the videos so far????  Make sure you go check them all out, and make sure you don't miss any.  There are some really good tips posted.

My video is up today, and as you know I'm not a big fan of having to pin, so this is my easy-peasy way to sew curves.   That's Sew Venice--Sewing Curves it might look scary, but practice on some   scrape pieces.  It is very liberating to be able to go 'pinless' ahahhaha so to speak.  And it really speeds things up.  You can use this on pretty much any seam.  I do use a Pin/clip when I have two seams meeting, because while I do like 'smart and lazy', I also am pretty precise when it comes to those details.  So don't worry about sacrificing quality. 

Just because you were taught to put in a million pins, and 'that's the way it's always been done' doesn't mean we can't try and learn new techniques, to speed up our sewing and increase enjoyment. 

I big thanks and Shout out to Mamma Can Do It Promotion Team.  A lot of time, effort and nerves went into bringing these videos to you.  Please check them out and give the videos a thumbs up and subsribe.  Come back here and let me know what your FAVORITE tip was, It's ok if it's not mine ;) ahahha.

Make sure to go to their FB group to check out the rest of the prizes.

They have a ton of other tips on their blog, as well some some amazing patterns on their website, go check them out Mamma Can Do It.

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