Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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You heard that right!!!! The ladies over at "Mamma Can Do It" Invited some of us to do a video, for their 12 days of Christmas.  If you missed that post and those videos, just look down my blog here 12 Days of Giveaways.   The two videos that I did were "Gathering with Elastic"  and "Sewing Curves".   

Have you ever fallen in love with a really fluffy, ruffly dress, buy the pattern and then get to scared/intimidated to actually make it?  Sound familiar????   Well now you don't have to worry , because my latest tip, really makes it so much easier. 

The Gathering video is a technique I came up with a few years ago, after struggling with like 90 feet of ruffles hahahaha.  It was pretty frustrating.  I now use this for any gathering I need to do whether it's 12" or 12'.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any questions please feel free to comment on the video.

The Pattern used in this video is the Patricia - Simple Life Pattern Company.

Sewing Curves
with only a couple of pins.  This is something I learned in Beverly's Craftsy Class --- Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit.  It was scary at first but it revolutionized the way I sew.  I use this with most seams, curves or straight.  It has really sped things up.  It's not only great for clothes but for bags as well.  Getting that gusset sewing in nice and even, and not having to worry about having enough clips, or getting stabbed by pins.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.  Maybe use a basting stitch your first few times ;)

The  pattern used in this video is the Simco Nightgown Add-On - Pollywoggles Patterns

I hope to keep adding videos.  I have a few ideas in the making.  I want to talk more about fit, and FBA's.  And I also want to do a video on PDF'S and why I love them.  If you have any ideas for videos or any questions please comment below.   Stay tuned!!!!

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For more information on the Patricia pattern, check out my review.  SLPCO-Patricia knit add on.

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