Saturday, July 6, 2019

Libelle Sewing Strike Round 5

 Libelle Sewing Round 5 


I'm so excited to announce my first ever fabric strike.  This has been so much fun, and what an awesome team she has.  Stephanie has been the greatest to work with as well, this has been just a great experience.  Now on to the fabric.  I picked the "Retro Cassette tapes" in Athletic, and my daughter fell in love with these Narwhals, which we ordered in swim.  

It's always hard to decide what patterns to use, but what do you do when you have a limited supply, and want to showcase it as well as you can, colour blocking to the rescue!


This has been such a cute suit, she wears it all the time, at least 3 times this week, she has it on now in hopes of running through the sprinkler as well ahahah.  The pattern is my new favourite swim pattern from Pollywoggles, called the Nahanni Swimsuit.  Use code "libellesewing" for 10% at her shop.

 I wanted to make a rash gaurd as well and used a raglan pattern I had on hand, this is the Aurora Raglan from Sofiona Designs.   The only modification I used was to add a band on the bottom to keep it from riding up in the water.

Retro cassette tapes. 

For my outfit, the top is a Stardust and Agnes Mashup, with the centre blocking option (both patterns are free from Halla Patterns).  I paired it with my P4P Peglegs add ons (free pattern).

My daughter's outfit is the Hey June Racer-back dress (free pattern), cut to a top length, and the Halla Knotty Pants shorts for kids, with 2" added to the hemline. 

This is my modified Calista sports bra from SUAT!  and it's so comfortable, going to be making a swim top with this pattern soon. 

I only had a wee bit of fabric left so decided these gals needed some new outfits!!!!  How fun are these, I forgot how much I enjoy making 18" doll clothes.  (I HATE making Barbie clothes!!!!)

This is her American Girl and Maplelea dolls sporting a swimsuit and yoga outfit respectively.

The doll's yoga pants are the Bonnie leggings from M4M.(free pattern)  The top is a hacked version of the swim top I used. I just extended the length of the top and flared it out a bit, and added some FOE on the hemline. 

The swimsuit pattern is from Pixie Faire "Wild waves once piece swimsuit"

Make sure to join her FB group, Libelle Sewing, to see what other people are making.  The round is open until Jul 21st, she also has  CL, FT and Bamboo solids also on pre-order.