Sunday, October 15, 2017

Canada Cups - Coming Unwired Blog Tour

Bra's Bra's Bra's!!!!  The bane of our existence . . . or are they???  I used to hate to have to go bra shopping.   I would fling it on the railing as soon as I got home.  If someone called to go out, I'd be like "Sorry, I already took my bra off".   Scroll all the way to the bottom for a list of prizes, good luck. 

From a young age I was used to wearing a very strong industrial strength bra.  Gravity is not kind to 'blessed' girls.  I have to admit that I no longer have that love/hate relationship with bras.  Now that I've started making my own, and had the wire fitted to my breast shape, they're really comfy.  Sometimes I'll read in bed and then I'm like ohh ya "take off my bra".  I really do need an underwire to have them sitting where I want them, so I was a bit nervous when I was asked to be part of the "Canada Cups - Coming Unwired" blog tour.  I don't really wear wireless bras, and most of them do not come in a cup size I can wear, so it hasn't been available.  Well, Beverley saw a need and filled it with the Sweet Sixteen.  It was released last summer, and I hadn't tried it do to the fact that it has no wires.

I picked this pattern to review because it would be nice to have a soft bra for sleeping in while traveling, or camping, and for around the house or doing Yoga.  It actually comes in my size, and has so many different options for fabric and style.  It also includes a huge size range so you don't need multiple patterns.

PB-8416 – Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern Collection
Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern Collection

The Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern Collection ranges in band sizes from 28″-38″ (71 cm-96 cm), with 12 cup sizes. 72 unique sizes in all! Make this from stretch lace, fabric, or a combination of lace and fabric.

 Stay tuned for my review.  Will it hold up???  Does it really provide support in larger cup sizes????   Is it going to be a hit or a miss?!?!? or a bit of both????

 Sweet Sixteen Pattern Review


Fabrics used for my bra were from Bra Makers Supply and Club Tissues.  As one of the Canadian sponsors of our blog tour Club Tissues graciously gave us a gift certificate to try their new products.  Their website is extensive, and I enjoyed the variety.  It's very user friendly and has a great sale section.  I placed my order at 8 pm on a Wed night, it shipped the next morning and was in my mailbox Friday morning!!!! Now that's service.   The fabric is lovely, and quality is great. 

The Same can be said for Bra Makers supply, I was provided the bralette pattern free of charge in order to offer up my review.  The ladies in the store are extremely helpful, especially if you're lucky enough to live close by and can pop in for a visit and fitting.  If not they get orders in the mail right away, and after that well it's up to the Postman!!!   All fabrics and supplies are top notch, Beverly doesn't skimp on products.   Even though I didn't pay for the pattern, I will be giving an honest review!!  All thoughts are my own. 

2nd Annual Canada Cups Blog Hop

 Schedule and Prizes

Tour Schedule

Hang with us as we reveal our inner secrets. ;)

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Prizes and Discounts

*A discount code from Funky Monkey -code: CC10 for 10% off store wide for the length of the tour.
 *A $25 Store voucher & Discount code from Fabric Please (CANADACUPS for 20% off storewide during your tour)

 There will be a Rafflecopter at the end of the tour for the following prizes.  Make sure to check back and fill out your form.  There are some really great items, that'll make your next, or perhaps first bra extra special.  

*A bra kit from Atelier Fiber Arts and Abrakdabra
*A bralette kit or scuba print from Bra-Makers Supply
*A 10% discount from Central Sewing Machines
*A pattern from Chelsea C Designs
*A Sophie swimsuit pattern from Closet Case Patterns
*1 yard of in-stock fabric from Crookshanks Custom Textiles (winner splits shipping costs)
*A $25 Store voucher & Discount code from Fabric Please (CANADACUPS for 20% off storewide during your tour)
*A pattern from Favorite Things
*A discount code from Libelle Sewing
*A bralette kit from Braphoria
*A pattern from Ohhh Lulu Sews
*A pattern from Lingerie Secrets Patterns by Jan Bones
*A discount code from Funky Monkey -code: CC10 for 10% off store wide for the length of the tour. active until the 22nd 😊 Not valid on already discounted full bolts.


  1. I can't wait to find out if your reading bra is really literate. ;)

  2. I love this! Sew beautiful. I have never worn a bra without underwire but might have to give this a try. Great job!

  3. I so want to hear about the fit with the Sweet sixteen bralette. As I am wanting to wear some braletts for my big girls, 34FF. I tried one, but the front needs to be adjusted for my girls in front. But the back fits me. Thank you for your inspiration.