Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Craftsy Class Review -- Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived.  I hope you have been waiting with baited breath.....I know I have been anxiously waiting to share this class and information with you.  I live in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, which means I am super lucky, and make other bra makers jealous...why???? Because I live less then an hour away from our very own Fair Bra Mother---Beverly Johnson.  Who is that??? Have you been living under a rock??? Have you not been following the blog hop??? Don't worry I'll fill you in. 

But first a word from our Sponser...Craftsy!   What is Craftsy?  Besides one of my favorite websites, It's a site that hosts online classes for anything craft related, from Sewing, Crocheting, Painting, Cooking, Cake Decorating, Photography.....they have a class for it.  They also carry a ton of patterns, that can all be downloaded instantly and printed out at home.  They offer several free patterns, as well as paid ones, from wonderful Indie designers. 

All the classes have professional trainers, several hours of instruction that you can pause, put into slow motion, and keep online notes on. The BEST part of the classes though are the questions.  At any time you don't understand something, or need help you simply type in a question on the side, and the instructor themselves will respond with a helpful answer and or photo.  It is extremely helpful to scroll through the questions, because more then likely someone else has already asked what you wanted to ask, and received a response so make sure to check that out and make us of it.  
As you can see on the right hand side of my screen I am a Craftsy Affiliate.  That means any link you click on from this site, they will know it's from my blog, and I will get a small reward, so to speak.  I am happy to work with them, because I respect the company and would never 'plug' something I don't believe in or use myself.  I have taken several different classes, including 3 other of Beverley's Bra and swimsuit classes, before I was offered this 3rd advanced class for free to review.   Now onto the class.

Who is this Beverly???   She is a lovely lady, who decided several years ago to put her amazing knowledge of sewing and pattern drafting into a field that was virtually untouched (not pun intended).   She started her own business "Bra Makers Supply" and has designed several patterns for bras, swimsuits, and other lingerie.  She created a niche business and has taught bra making classes all over the world.  Beverley has a brick and mortar store in Hamilton Ontario, right on the fabric strip, which makes it an exciting location for any home sewer.  I was lucky enough to go to her shop last summer and meet her in person.  If you've ever taken one of her classes, or simply watched one of the previews I have to let you know she is just as personable, funny and down to earth in person.  

Her passion for bra making, and drafting comes through in each and every class she offers.  Her teaching style is very down to earth and humorous.  She is not stuffy or pretentious at all, and makes you feel comfortable, and confident that YES you can actually make your own bra. 

Since she has literally written the book on Bra making (Bra Makers Manual) her knowledge is extensive.  I think my favorite thing about her as a teacher, is her confidence.  Not only in herself, but in you the student, she truly believes that if you follow the directions, ask the questions you need to and try hard, that you will actually make a lovely bra.  I also love that she doesn't take herself too seriously, and neither should we.  

Since this is an honest review and I've been asked to list my least favorite thing about the instructor, I think perhaps the only thing I could come up with is a difference in style or goal for my bra.  I prefer them upfront and center, where she prefers a natural breast look.  But she shows you how to change and adapt any patterns, not just her Pin Up bra's to conform to the look YOU want, not the one she might prefer. 


In the bra community maybe people refer to her Pin-Up Girl patterns as PUG bra's.....but well since we have a pug, honestly this is all I can see when I read that. Hahaha That is why I always refer to them as Pin-Up Girl Patterns.  

This class, and all her classes are very professional.  The Craftsy studio is where they are all filmed and very well done.  They are not touch and go like some of the YouTube videos you may have watched.  The sound quality is excellent, and very clear, the filming is flawless.  She always zooms in, and shows how to do each step slowly and clearly.  You can see everything she is doing, and she uses contrasting thread at times so the stitching really shows up to help you see what to do.  It`s definitely a first class video.  
The content of this video is NOT for beginners in sewing or bra making.  You really would want to have a bra or two under your belt.  She does not take you step by step in making an actual bra, that is what the first class is for.  In this class you build on the information in the two other classes.  She shows you not only how to sew a foam bra, but how to take any bra pattern, and convert it into a foam bra pattern. 

She also shows you how to make two new styles from her Pin-Up Girls Classic bra pattern.  The new styles are a Demi cup, and a Balconette.  Both benefit from the foam to give you additional support and lift, with less coverage yowza!!!!  She is gracious enough to help you convert other patterns that are not hers as well, just check the questions at the side.   She is very prompt in her replies, and thorough, often offering up pictures or diagrams to help explain certain aspects.  She is also willing to give help with fit, and feedback.  Just post a picture of your bra, to brag about your amazing accomplishment or, to get some help with an area that isn`t working for you.  She can look at the offending bra, and instantly tell you what is wrong, how to fix it on the bra, but more importantly how to fix it on the actual pattern, so you don`t end up with that issue again.  

As you can tell I was very happy with this class, if it had not been offered to me to review, I would have bought it anyway (sorry Craftsy).  Now I all I have to get is the new Panty class Sewing Panties: Construction & Fit and I have the whole set.  

I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone that has made a bra before, and really wants to learn how to use the foam, and try for a new style.  And if you haven`t made a bra yet, or taken any of her classes, go check out the reviews for her first class `basic construction and fit`.  You`ll find a discount link available there.  

And now for the best new Demi cup bra!!!  I made this to go under some of my wrap style tops and dresses.  I don`t want part of the bra to be seen, but want plenty of support so I feel comfortable wearing them, and I`m not always tugging on my tops or straps.  I am very pleased with it, I had several adjustments that had to be made along the way, and have transferred them to the patters as well, so next time I won`t have to worry about them.  Here are a few pictures of the process!!! I hope you have enjoyed this, I`ve had a wonderful time sharing my experience, and reading about everyone else.  I love seeing all the fabulous new bras.  There is nothing as satisfying as making something that is not only functional, but beautiful as well.  I would like to give a big shout out to not only Beverly, but the lovely people on the Bra Making Forum, and other Sewing boards.  Your help, support and motivation has made it all possible.  As someone who has struggled for years finding affordable bras, I truly do thank you all.  

 First you make sure you get your measurements right and cut out all your pattern pieces, make sure to make any adjustments,  then cut out your fabric.  I've learned that if you put layers of tissue paper between the layers and underneath the fabric, it really cuts down on the slipping.  I use a very small rotary cutter and take my time.  You can also use tissue paper under your delicate fabric while sewing it, and just tear it away after. 

The cups take the most work, so sometimes it's nice to get the frame done first so you feel like you've accomplished something.   

 For the demi cup or foam cups you need to make a new pattern to work with.  Don't worry Beverly walks you through each step. 

Voila we have a cup!!!!!!!!
Now we sew it to the frame and add our channeling and straps!!!!

Wasn't that easy?

Yay it works, no bra or bridge showing through the neckline. 

Go try a class!!!! and then post back here how it went.  

Craftsy has generously offered my readers 50% off this Class.  Just use my affiliate link here.  

Now Go check out the bra Michelle made from the same's Gorgeous!!!  Michelle's Craftsy Review


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  1. Great job, I love how your bra turned out!

  2. Love it! That's fantastic that you can wear it with a plunging neckline. You ladies making these beautiful, advanced bras are making be braver to make more bras! It's just lovely.

    1. This one is a bit of a franken bra as I adjusted things along the way. The next time I'll know how to adjust the pattern. I still haven't perfected the Classic bra ahahaha.

  3. How did you do that? I really had no desire to make my own bra, but now I do, darn you!

    1. Bahahhaah, well you inspired me to try bags!!!! Now it's your turn to try bras. Get the first Craftsy class, a bra kit, pattern and you're off!!!!

  4. wow! what a great end result! I've got to try some bra making now that I have all 3 of Beverly's classes!

  5. I love that. I wonder how it would work out for my heavy bust though but I'd love to wear that !

  6. Yes I would wear this style of bra.

  7. I have this class and it's high time I made myself a demi cup bra! You've inspired me to get with it.

  8. Oooo I would love to wear a Demi bra!

  9. I would wear the Demi bra! I haven't been able to find a cute one since having kids. :/ Hopefully I can make one just as cute as the one you did!

  10. I love the demi style! I've been meaning to make one. Yours looks fabulous.

  11. Yours looks awesome! I've been toying with the idea for a über large cup Demi bra.

  12. Yours looks awesome! I've been toying with the idea for a über large cup Demi bra.

  13. I'd totally wear a demi, if it was offered in my size :)

  14. Looks beautiful! I wish it was in my size!

  15. How great that you have the right bra for that top!

  16. I don't know if I would wear a demi cup bra, but the blue print one is very pretty.

  17. I'm not sure about the Demi cup bra. I haven't had any success with commercial ones in the past.

  18. Like the demi bra as well

  19. You did a fantastic with making a demi-cup bra, would I wear one? I don't know

  20. Love a good demi bra, I'd definitely wear that! :D

  21. Oh, you have inspired my to give the demi style a go.
    I best add it to the list of makes!!

  22. The demi-cup looks great. I especially like the covering fabric and the look you get with the wrap dress. Well done!

  23. Experience tells me that a balconette does better than a demi for my shape.

  24. I'd love to try a proper fitting demi cup bra!

  25. I'd love to try a proper fitting demi cup bra!

  26. mmmh, not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing this... but I really love the colour combo!

  27. Love the demi-cup - would love to try that myself!

  28. Demi cup bra is the next on my list!

  29. Demi cup bra is the next on my list!

  30. At some point I plan to make a demo bra

  31. I like the demi cup, not sure it is the best fit for me.

  32. I like the demi cup. I didn't think I'd be able to wear one with my bra size. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I have trouble finding a good fitting Demi bra. Make my own? Yes please!

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