Friday, March 25, 2016

Doll Hair Magic!!!!

Troublesome doll hair??? looks like a rats nest??? frizzes whenever you try and brush it????  

We've all been there.  I have tried soooo many tips on Pinterest from boil water, to conditioning treatments.  They're messy, and troublesome, and didn't work that great.  BUT!!!! I tried this Proclaim Spray on Gloss.  And wow!  I sprayed liberally on the hair and just kept brushing.  Started with the wig brush, then on to a regular one.  I was even able to braid it....which was impossible before even after other treatments.  This dolls hair was originally curly (NEVER buy a doll with curly hair).  Anyway I brushed out all of her dolls hair today and fixed them up in braids....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

School Supplies for the Dolls

Desk for the dolls.  Computer, pencils, calculator, folder, notebook, post it notes.   

I would like to send a shout out too My Froggy Stuff!!!
Thanks you for your wonderful You Tube videos and printouts.  What a great resource. 

 I think she likes it.

 File folders, clip board, and note pad.  With wee tiny pencil 

 Set of Pencil Crayons, and coloring book.  Thanks to Jessica for her tutorial on making pencils.  We used some big toothpicks we got at the dollar store.  Check out it over at Zakka Life.

 We cut out some book covers from the Scholastic magazines.  I used a piece of cork from the dollar store, and clued the paper on top.  It makes cute and fast little books

For this style of book we followed the book directions over on  
We used card stock to make the cover, then hot-glued some pages inside. 

 Jessica is happy with her new school supplies.

We also found some ready made supplies that were a great size.
Dollarama had these mini crayola markers and mini tapes. 

Hello Kitty binder with duct tape and mini

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Doll Capri's and tanks

This week's project.....Capri's and tanks for the 18" dolls.  

 Patch pockets!!!!

 Matching Purse

 back pocket

 I used the doll size of the Jocole Ruffle pants pattern. I used a cuffed bottom instead of ruffles. 

 Elastic across the back for easy changes.

Ready for a day on the town