Friday, March 25, 2016

Doll Hair Magic!!!!

Troublesome doll hair??? looks like a rats nest??? frizzes whenever you try and brush it????  

We've all been there.  I have tried soooo many tips on Pinterest from boil water, to conditioning treatments.  They're messy, and troublesome, and didn't work that great.  BUT!!!! I tried this Proclaim Spray on Gloss.  And wow!  I sprayed liberally on the hair and just kept brushing.  Started with the wig brush, then on to a regular one.  I was even able to braid it....which was impossible before even after other treatments.  This dolls hair was originally curly (NEVER buy a doll with curly hair).  Anyway I brushed out all of her dolls hair today and fixed them up in braids....

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