Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Priscilla Top - Mamma Can Do It

 What a fun quick test this turned out to be. 

Mamma Can Do It

I'm in love with this pattern, it's so fast, and has a fun fit and flare shape to it.  The handkerchief hem adds a lot of nice movement, and can be hemmed or left as is.  It was so flattering on everyone that tested it, even the newborns hahaha. 

I did lower the neckline on mine, I wanted it about an inch or so lower then the pattern calls for.  Here's a video clip I did on how I did that.  It's pretty easy to do.  You just decide where you want the new neckline to lay, cut it and make your binding 85% of the total length of your new neckline.   I did hem the test one as per the instructions, and it was the perfect length, but for my final I chose not to hem, since that fabric draped so nicely as is. 

 Here's my YouTube video about how to change a neckline on any pattern.
(I would like to take this time to apologize for the horrible selection of thumbnails that were available ahaha. )

This is one of those patterns that is flattering on everyone.   There are 4 sizes available, baby, kids, women, and plus, so something for everyone for sure.  Make sure to grab your copy while it's on sale, and get a bundle while you're at it!!!! 

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