Monday, July 2, 2018

SLPCO Patricia -Knit add on Pattern Test.

                            One of my favorite aspects of sewing is pattern testing.  It's so fun!!!

I think one of the main reasons, is because I don't pick it, it's like a grab bag, you never know what it might be.  Several times I've tested a pattern I don't think I would have picked out on my own, and I end up LOVING it.  There have a been a few patterns I wasn't as fond of, but I try to be honest in my reviews.  Getting the pattern for free is a nice bonus as well. 

This review is for the Patricia Knit Bodice add on, from Simple Life Pattern Company.  This is a supplemental pattern to the "Patricia’s Boho High Low Top & Dress." which was originally written for woven only.  If you buy the Original and the add on, you have both options.  You can also do a knit top, with woven skirt as well. 


These two are my daughters current favourites.  She absolutely loves how comfy knits are.  Up until recently most of her clothes have been with cottons, so she is enjoying the change.  I will be making more of these in the future, there are several different options.


The first one I made for the test is the black print.  It was a cold spring so thought it would perfect  with the bell sleeves.  She wore this to school numerous times, and even for dinner last night, homemade burgers hahaha.  I chose the dramatic high low dress length, and bell sleeve options.  I love the scoop on the back neckline, but the front is high enough that there's no issue of it falling off her shoulders.


This top I made sleeveless, and 'top length' I did lengthen the back of the skirt a bit to make it even more dramatic, and was short on fabric, so it's a few inches narrower.  The ruffle is also 3.5" wide instead of 5" because I was really tight on fabric.  But I think it still looks good.  I plan on making a gathered organza skirt to go under it for a wedding we're going to later this month. 

The pattern is very well written, the institutions are easy to follow, and the pictures are clear.  If it's you're first time doing the burrito method on a sleeveless lined top, then you might need to check out youtube.  I'm a visual learner and needed more then just the pictures to wrap my head around it.  It's very simple though when you see it being done.  I'll be doing this method a lot from now. 

Like I always do on patterns for my daughter I mashed two sizes.  I used the size 6 for the width, and the 8 for length on the black one, and 10 for the length on the sleeveless.  It does sit a bit low on her hips in the back, but once the skirt is on you won't notice, and I don't want it to get too short too quick.  

It's a pretty quick sew, and since all the seams on the bodice are enclosed you don't need to worry about a serger.  (I rarely use the serger on knit clothing for my daughter she says it makes the seams scratchy, and if I just leave as is, they're more comfy).  You do need quite a bit of fabric for the skirt and ruffle depending on size so just double check the requirements before you start.  If gathering scares you there are several different methods out there that make it easier.  Here is a video to help you see my favourite method.  I find it quick, easy and pretty fool-proof.  I hate pinning and quartering so if I can avoid it I will.  Easy Gathering video

I love a versatile pattern, this one can easily be made for season.  I look forward to making it with a nice sweater knit for fall, with leggings.  I think I need a pattern like this for me!!! Anyone testing a mamma version????

To make this wedding worthy we just added a pettiskirt and some nice sandals.  I LOVE how this turned out, and she can wear it dressed up or down.

UPDATE!!!!  I made this in a size 3 woven, LOVE IT!!!!  This is such a versatile pattern. 

If you're intimidated by the gathering, check out my post with YouTube video on my easy peasy way to gather fabric.  Easy way to Gather fabric, youtube video 

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