Monday, November 21, 2016

Finley & Quinn--The Cozy Robe--Pattern Test

Finley & Quinn 
Blog hop & pattern review

This is yet another pattern test for Pollywoggles patterns.  I really have enjoyed making several of her patterns, some I have tested, others I have bought over the years.  Heidi really takes a different approach to her patterns, and tries to come up with something new and innovative.  I always learn something new, or try a new technique when sewing one of her patterns.

The pattern ranges in size from 12 months to 10 years old.  It is a unisex pattern that fits great for both boys and girls.  Some of the features I really love, the wide cozy collar!!!!  It lays so nice.  I also LOVE the fact that the belt is attached.  No more worrying about where the belt is tied to, arm, leg, doll, hanging from the bunk bed to climb up . . . you get the idea.  Also the pockets are great, they're on an angle so their hands can just slide in there, and keep all their treasures close at hand. 

This robe is comfy!  You can use basically any fabric you would like.  You can use Fleece, minky, flannel or other wovens.  I used a super soft cuddle fabric, similar to minky but thinner.  I found it was pretty easy to work with, and really gave a lovely drape to the robe. 

One thing I'd like to stress is that unless you're using a fabric that is going to fray DO NOT serge the seams.  The seams on minky/fleece are super soft and fluffy, once you serge them they became stiff and scrachy.  I know she says you don't need to, but I thought if I didn't I was 'cheapening out' so to speak, but after serging the side seams I realized what a difference it would make and didn't want to loose some of my cozy/comfy factor.

The pattern comes in several sizes from 12 months to 10 years, and she explains clearly how to merge sizes.  I made a 6/8 a 6 width with a 8 length.


 This pattern is being offered FREE, you read that right FREE for a limited time to anyone who joins her group  Pollywoggles Sewing Circle on Facebook.  Hurry because this offer is only good until the end of the year--Dec 31, 2016

If you're still on the fence, hop on over to these other lovely blogs!  They were lucky enough to be able to review this amazing pattern as well, and have shared their projects.  Too much coziness!!!!

First from our esteemed pattern designer Heidi
Pollywoggles Patterns presents Finley & Quinn

And my fellow pattern reviews from all over the globe.   

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Here are some of my other favorite Pollywoggle patterns

I'll start off with my all time favorite dress pattern!!!!  
This is the Cecily Rose.  It even comes with a reversible version (didn't I mention she's clever?)

another reversible pattern, a great place for some holiday fabric 

I used some Christmas fabric on the back side, and She got to pick the fabric for the other side, of course it's pink!!! 
 Too get the Finley & Quinn Robe pattern, or any of her others, hop on over to the pattern shop!!!!  
or for a limited time get your free Finley & Quinn robe pattern at Pollywoggles Sewing Circle


  1. Oh wow, what a lovely bathrobe!! The fabric looks so nice!!

    Also great to see the other things you made with Heidi's patterns! I especially like your Cecily Rose dresses!!

    1. That's my favorite!!!!! I need to make the next size up for summertime this year! I've made a few and I just love them, my daughter's favorite too!

  2. LOVE!! Thank you so much, Venice, for sharing your robe and other beautiful Pollywoggles creations! I definitely want to look for some of that fabric; the sheen and drape is so lovely!

    1. I got this one on sale at JoAnn's, several years ago and hVe been waiting for the pattern, your tone was it. Now I need to find more. It makes it look very elegant. I want one for me now!!!!