Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sun Hat!!

I love hats...and have been wanting to make one for me, for a while now.  I made one for my daughter as well.  I love that it's reversible.  After searching high and low on pinterest I settled on this pattern.  I love how it looks, and the pattern was easy to follow. I have made 3 of these so far, this adult size, and a kids version I printed out a bit smaller.

This lovely lady has provided the Pattern and Tutorial for free!!! Whoohoo, go over and check it out.  http://blog.lorennabuck.com/2011/04/for-mom.html 

The hardest thing for me was to find some nice neutral color fabric to use.  I loved the pink/purple floral, but it really won't go with too many outfits.  I tend to wear a lot more black and neutral colors.  I was thinking of getting a nice tan color, when I found this fun fabric at FarbricSpark's booth at the Creative Festival.  

I figured it'll blend with a lot of what I wear, and I got enough to actually make something to match.

I wanted a very wide brim, so I added 2" to the outside of the brim pattern.  I used heavy interfacing, and some buckram in the brim to make it stiff, since it was such a wide one.  It is still a nice soft drape, but not super floppy, so I'm pleased with that. 


  1. Hi I am having trouble getting the top of the crown to fit neatly. it works well until I am trying to fit in pieces number 5 and 6. The tops are getting in front of the cap instead of being tucked at the wrong side of the fabric loke in your pics. I wonder if you have a tip to solve that. Many thanks :)

  2. I really enjoyed your blog post