Friday, December 4, 2015

The Sydney Mini Wallet

A perfect wallet for a young lady. 

You could also add a wristlet and it would make a great cell phone wallet.

 I made my daughter a purse to match mine...she's going to be so excited.

 But she really needed a small usable wallet.  She has a few old wallets of mine that are big and glunky and when we want to bring it shopping it takes up too much room in my purse and is very heavy.  I searched high and low for the kind of wallet I wanted.

Most of her money at this stage is coins, so it needed a decent sized zipper pouch.  She also likes to carry around some business cards and papers.  So I drew out what I wanted, and made two samples.  They're roughly 4" x 6"

Coming Soon--Sydney Mini Wallet-- Tutorial

Sydney Mini Wallet Tutorial

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