Friday, September 22, 2023

Limestone Sleeve Add-On (Sofiona Designs)


We're back at it, with another fabulous pattern from Sofiona Designs!!!  

This is a sleeve Add-On for the Miss Limestone

 to their original pattern Miss Limestone.  

This is a very easy fit jacket.

It has several options.  

You can choose between 2 lengths,  both with a high-low hem.

 We chose the shorter length on both of ours.





This pattern has huge pockets, and lots of options for adding details like piping.

I added the back stripe with piping down each side on mine. 

I chose the unlined version, because the backing of this fabric was a lovely purple satin. 

For my daughters coat we went with a fully lined jacket.  She wanted a warm cozy flannel for the lining. 

I opted for the double piping on both cuffs.

This Jacket is very comfortable and easy to wear.  She loves it! 

 It's very practical for our fall weather here in Canada.















  Get your pattern on sale now.  

There are 3 pattern options 

Miss Limestone (original pattern), 

Sleeve Add-On (if you already own Limestone)

or the Limestone Bundle (Limestone plus sleeve add-on).

Sofiona Miss Outerwear 

If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.


We had way too much fun on this photo shoot!!!!  

Here's a few outtakes.  

Comment below which was your favorite outtake!!!




Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Miss Forest Fern Add-on (Sofiona Designs)


Wow this dress is what dreams are made of.  

Say hello to the Miss Forest Fern (add-on) from Sofiona Designs

They combined their previous Fern Skirt as an Add-on to the new Forest Dress.  And it's magical.  


You can buy Just the Forest dress, or the combo.  If you already have the Fern skirt and want to get the add on package then choose that one.  They have something for everyone. Here are the links to each listing.  They are ALL on sale until July 17th so pop on over and check them out.  No codes needed. 



I've been jealous of my daughter's green maxi tiered skirt ever since I made it.   When I saw the maxi was an option on this pattern I was over the moon.  I'm not gonna lie it's a LOT!!!  I mean a LOT of fabric.  But wow it is so fun to wear, and I have been wanting a dress like this for quite some time.



This was my first time making a fitted woven bodice for myself.  I was very apprehensive but their sizing guide was spot on, and I love that they have A-D cup pattern pieces, it's so nice to not have to do my own adjustments for that.  Due to the fact that it is fitted, and that all fabrics are a bit different you really do need to do a muslin.  Or at the very least baste your seams and do the fit tests where recommended in the pattern.  I was able to do this for my daughters dress.  It needed no modifications besides blending sizes. 


On my muslin I didn't need to make any adjustments.  On my final since the fabric is a bit stiffer I did ease a few of the seams, but then after adding the skirt and zipper I found myself going back in and actually sewing them back up again.  So keep in mind that the fit will change when you add the skirt. 

My daughter chose the flounce sleeve
I chose sleeveless


 We both chose to do the Fern Add on.  

We wanted the fuller, ruffle skirts.


This is not a beginner pattern.  It's not hard, but you do need to follow the pattern, and instructions carefully.   Also be VERY mindful of your seam allowance.  Since you have 7 seams around the bodice just being off a smidge can make a big difference on the over all fit.  I put a piece of tape at the 5/8 SA on my machine to make it easier.  

I like to gather with elastic thread, I zig zag over.  I find if I hold the thread fairly tight and don't give out too much as I sew it's pretty close to the right length.  I also section my layers in 8ths or 16ths depending on the length it just makes it sooo much easier to sew them together.  if you need to serge the seams I recommend doing it Before you sew the layers so you don't end up with so much fabric near your serger....or at least drop the blade down....don't ask.  

All of the skirt versions of the dress are lovely, but I really prefer a fuller skirt , I feel it helps balance out my broad shoulders and large bust.  The add-on waistband is very flattering and comfortable.  Let me know in the comments which version was your favorite. 

FABRIC!!!!  In testing we learned a lot about fabric choices for this pattern.  It will make a big difference on how this dress fits, and hangs.  So be sure to check out their blog post that goes into more detail so you get the fit/style you want.  Making More of Miss Fern (blog post)

I used Wax cotton for both of these dresses, and the Fern Skirt.  Wax cotton is VERY stiff and structured which is what I wanted.  My body type is an inverted triangle and so I really wanted the skirt to have a lot of body and fullness so that it helped to balance me out.  I am also wearing a full petticoat under the skirt for fullness. 

If you want to have less volume on the bottom but still a tiered maxi, then a lighter weight flowerier fabric would be a better choice, but this can make the bodice fit differently as well.  All in all make sure you do make a muslin of the bodice in whatever fabric you choose to use so you love the final make as much as we do.

Check out the new patterns here!!!!! 

To see more about the Original dress Miss Forest Check out this blog post, and see all the lovely dresses that were made by the testers. 

The Forest Dress (blog post)

Don't forget to join their Facebook group so you can see the rest of the dresses from the testers, ask questions and share your own Miss Forest makes!!!!  Sofinoa Designs Facebook Group


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